Hospital Based Smoking Cessation: a Review of the Literature

Patrick Cervini, Lisa-Ann McKeough

Page 200--203

Emergency Intubation of the Supine Patient on the Ground

Joshua Rucker, Janet Tesler, Joseph Fisher

Page 204--206

In the Literature

Alya Rahim, Ann Stewart

Page 211--212

Understanding General Anaesthetics: Properties and Clinical Applications

Mital Joshi, Paolo Mazzotta, Isabella Devito

Page 213--218

A Little Extra Goes a Long Way

Sheila Jacobson, Ben Sivarajan, Michelle Porepa, Xerxes Punthakee

Page 236--239

Pelvic Mass: Appearance Is Not Everything

Pedram Kazemian, Guangming Han, Michael D'Agostino, Michelle DBatthish

Page 240--244

Case 1

Helen G Juffs

Page 245--248

Case 2

Helen G Juffs

Page 245--248

Case 3

Efrem Mandelcorn

Page 245--248

Case 4

Stephen F. Miller, Stephen W. Daunt

Page 245--248

Interview with Doctor Ian Johnson

Collan Simmons

Page 249--251

Issues in Prostate Cancer Screening using PSA

Suman Chatterjee, Pavi S. Kundhal

Page 255--256

Twenty Pound Paper Weight

Kashif Pirzada

Page 266