Dead Weight

Taylor Armstrong

Page 270--273

Emergency Contraception: The Canadian Perspective

Alana Flexman, Shannon Wires

Page 188-191

Preface from the Editors

Martin Hyroza Landis, Jonathan Yeung

Page 176

Case 3

Kevin Weingarten, Andrew WVan Houwelingen

Page 227-230

Case 2

Elizabeth Berger, Saul Greenberg

Page 227-230

Case 1

Timothy H. Bell, Isaac I. Bogoch

Page 227-230

Trials and Tribulations of the IRB Member

Majorie Ellen Zettler

Page 200-202

In the Literature

Jocelyn Srigley, Naveen Poonai, Lukasz Struzik, Joanna Mansfield, Shirin Yazdanian, Elisa K. Chan, Mark S. Landis

Page 197--199

Chiropractic: 'Backing' Itself into Mainstream Healthcare

B. Carney Kilian, Vikram Venkatesh

Page 259--261

Moral Hazard: Economic Malingering?

Katherine Ros, Luke Drzymala

Page 253--255

When the Diagnosis is "Hard to Swallow": An Interprofessional Approach

Catriona Margaret Steele, Anthony Fong

Page 236--242

Mechanism and Vitalism in the Work of William Harvey

Sharif B. Missiha, Jon Nia

Page 243--246