Preface from the Editors

Mark Landis, Jonathan Gabor

Page 5

Hypertension in Guyana: Lessons from a Health Promotion Program

Amy Cheng, Chris Prabhakar, Varun Kapila, Natasha Sukhai, Jose Monzon

Page 8--11

In the Literature

Woganee A. Filate, Tim Hanna, Mark A. Mandell, Sharon Morong, Sergio Muraca

Page 12--15

Competency and Mental Illness

Ari Greenwald

Page 16--18

The Benefits of Tea

Althea Barthos

Page 24

A Confusing Expression of a Common Disease

Liane Porepa, Dena Hammoudi, Avi Orner, Gillian Booth

Page 28--33

Case 1

Elizabeth Berger, Rory Windrim

Page 39--44

Case 2

Elisa Chan

Page 39--44

Case 3

Roberta Hood

Page 39--44

Networking in International Health

Rebecca Douglass, Andrew D. Pinto

Page 50--54

Can Prayer Heal Our Patients?

Jonathan Kerr

Page 79--80

Help for the USMLE

Robert Adam

Page 81