Preface from the Editors

Mark Landis, Jonathan Gabor

Page 89

Circumcision: Issues and Education

Blair Ritchie, Anne Archer Dip

Page 90--94

Management and Complications of Humeral Shaft Fractures

Andrew Van Houwelingen, Michael D McKee

Page 96--102

In the Literature

Daniel Saul, Susanna Fung

Page 103--104

In the Media

Jocelyn Srigley

Page 105--106

Large Vessel Vasculitis - An Atypical Presentation: Case Report and Review of the Literature

Stephen Choi, Alireza Zahirieh, Louis Wu, Laurence A. Rubin

Page 115--120

Case 1

Amparo Wolf, David Mikulis

Page 121--126

Case 2

Jacky Y.T. Yeung, David T.W. Wong

Page 121--126

Case 3

Justina Sam

Page 121--126

Case 4

Isaac I. Bogoch, Timothy H. Bell, Jay S. Keystone

Page 121--126

VEGAtest: Diagnostic Champion or Quack Device?

Goran Jeremic, Wesley Leung

Page 144--146

Dr. Sylvia Asa

Lorenne Doucet, Navindra Persaud

Page 147--148