Preface from the Editors

Mark Landis, Jonathan Gabor

Page 165


Shaun K. Morris, Claire K. Nguyen

Page 172--175

Hepatitis A Vaccine: Should We Use it in Practice?

Ramona Mahtani, Hartley A. Garfield

Page 194--195

Positional Plagiocephaly among Infants: Identification, Management and Prevention

Rita Damignani, Karen Klar, Christopher Forrest

Page 202--204

The Weightlifters' Tragic Demise

Avi Orner, Liane Porepa, Dena Hammoudi, Parisa Rahimi

Page 210--215

An Uncommon "Red Eye"

P. Kazemian, Dr. Y. Buys

Page 216--221

Case 1

Anne-Marie Beaudet

Page 230--238

Case 2

Kevin Lumb

Page 230--238

Case 3

Timothy Bell

Page 230--238

Case 4

Alina Gerrie, Chris Graham, Allan Detsky

Page 230--238

Case 5

Roberta Hood

Page 230--238

Case 6

Nicole Chau

Page 230--238

The Ins and Outs of Interventional Radiology

Mark Baerlocher, Perry Choi

Page 246--248

Managing Menopause: Seeking out Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Karen Hershenfield, Michelle Levy, Michele Zysman

Page 249--250

Patient Autonomy - Swinging the Pendulum Back

Susan Lee, Ari Greenwald

Page 251--253