Preface from the Editors

Andrew Deonarine, Andrea Rowe

Page 5

In the Literature

Michael Sidiropoulos

Page 16--17

Stephen E. Fremes, M.D., FRCSC

Lorenne Doucet

Page 29--30

Sleepless Nights: the Case of a Broken Heart

Althea Barthos, Devon McDonald, Kevin Schwartz

Page 31--35

Insulinoma - An Atypical Presentation: Case Report and Literature Review

Alipasha Rassouli, Joe H. Lai, Robert Sargeant

Page 36--41

Case 1

Daniel R. Ricciuto, Rodrigo B. Cavalcanti

Page 42--51

Case 2

Michael Colapinto

Page 42--51

Case 3

Karen Choi, Flavio Habal

Page 42--51

Case 4

Roberto Jose Diaz, Dr. Michael G. Fehlings, Dr. Richard Perrin

Page 42--51

Case 5

Melanie Makhija, Dr. S. Sheth

Page 42--51

Case 6

Xiaoxing Catherine Tong, Dr. Abdulla Naqi

Page 42--51

Case 7

Ryan Korda

Page 42--51

Telesurgery: Advances and Trends

David Holt, Ali Zaidi, Joy Abramson, Ron Somogyi

Page 52--54

A "Natural" Dermatitis: Contact Allergy to Tea Tree Oil

Yvette Miller Monthrope, James C. Shaw

Page 59--60

The Magic Wands of Medicine

Anna Hinek, Rich Backstein

Page 68--70