Published: 2019-02-09

UTMJ Vol. 82, Num. 2


Preface from the Editors

Andrew Deonarine, Andrea Rowe

Page 81

Toxoplasma gondii

Michael Sidiropoulos

Page 88--89

In the Media

Renu Gupta, Emily Kovacs

Page 92--93

In the Literature

Karen Choi, Woganee Filate, Emily Kovacs

Page 94--96

Ross E.G. Upshur, MA, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)

Lorenne Doucet, Evan Kwong

Page 101--102

Oy Vey! Make it go Away!

Devon McDonald, Kevin Schwartz, Althea Barthos

Page 103--106

A 36-year-old Man with Bowel Obstruction

Mark S. Landis, John D. D. Neary, Janice Wong

Page 107--114

Case 1

Tharani Kandasamy, Dr. Glen Geiger

Page 116--119

Case 2

Yvette Miller Monthrope, Dr. Sherif Hanna

Page 116--119

Realms of Rhetoric in Health and Medicine

Colleen Derkatch, Judy Z. Segal

Page 138--142