Preface from the Editors

Andrew Deonarine, Andrea Rowe

Page 157

In the Literature

Daniel Saul, Konstantinos Gus Sidiropoulos, Peter Tanuseputro

Page 166--168

Kevin C Kain, MD, FRCPC

Lorenne KDoucet, Evan Kwong

Page 176--178

For Whom The Belly Tolls

Devon McDonald, Kevin Schwartz, Althea Barthos, Dr. Doreen Chung

Page 179--182

Mucosal Melanoma of the Hypopharynx

Teresa Pun, David Goldstein, Bayardo Perez-Ordonez, Mark Rafferty, Jonathan Irish

Page 183--189

Case 1

Ariel Eric Klevan, Alirezza Zahirieh, Sean Symons

Page 191--198

Case 2

Justina Sam, David F. Tang-Wai

Page 191--198

Case 3

Jennifer MacIssac

Page 191--198

Case 4

Dominica Gidrewicz

Page 191--198

The Free Future of General Medical Software

Michael Bonert, Bradley MacIntosh

Page 202--206

War and Medicine: The Origins of Plastic Surgery

Richard Backstein, Anna Hinek

Page 217--219

Survivor: Residency

Shefali Dave

Page 221