Preface from the Editors

Diana Anderson, Fiona Menzies

Page 5

News at a Glance

Janice Kwan, Sarah E. Perkins, Martin E. Betts, Peter Tanuseputro

Page 10--12

Ten Questions for Dr. Martin Schreiber

Marieke Gardner, Sam Silver

Page 14--15

June C. Carroll, MD, CCFP, FCFP

Evan Kwong, Rebecca Menzies

Page 26--28

SOB, Fevers, Murmurs... and CNS

Michael R. Humphreys

Page 29--31

Evaluating Hoarseness: How to Avoid Backing the Wrong Horse

Goran Jeremic, Mark Rafferty, Jonathan Irish, Dale Brown, David Goldstein

Page 32--37

Case 1

Jennifer Singerman, Dr. Liesly Lee

Page 38--45

Case 2

Vicky Chan, Lyne Noel de Tilly, Yuna Lee

Page 38--45

Case 3

Daniel R. Ricciuto

Page 38--45

Handheld Computing in Medical Education

Ron Somogyi, Joy Abramson, John Kim, Joseph Koval

Page 46--49