Preface from the Editors

Diana Anderson, Fiona Menzies

Page 145

Role of Medical Imaging on Outcomes of Mechanical Low Back Pain Patients

Hamilton Hall, Greg McIntosh, Christina Boyle

Page 146--150

News at a Glance

Peter Tanuseputro, Jack Brzezinski, Janice Kwan

Page 157--158

The Need for Peace Education in Medical Curricula

Ekta Khemani, Jennifer Hughes

Page 168--169

Case 1

Antony Raikhlin, David Orlov

Page 170--174

Case 2

Jacqueline Sandoz, Adam Cheng

Page 170--174

Carcinoid Tumour of the Pancreas and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Report

Dr. A Eregie, Dr. A.E. Edo, Dr. M.N. Okobia, Dr. M.A. Nzegwu

Page 179--180

A Mundane Situation Punctuated by Sudden Rash and Liver Failure: Unexpected, Unintended Clinical Consequences

Vicky Chan, Jaber Al Ali, David A. Owen, Caroline Chung, Eric M. Yoshida

Page 181--183

Do Academic and Community Physicians Recognize a Role for CAM in Undergraduate Medical Education

Andrea Mulkins, Maeve O'Beirne, Rebecca Brundin-Mather, Marja Verhoef

Page 184--187

Energy Medicine: The Universal Quest for Harmony

Behzad Hassani, Nasim Daneshvar

Page 189--191