Preface from the Editors

Janice Kwan, Justine Chan

Page 5

Lactic Acid: Fuel or Foe?

Melissa de Souza

Page 13--14

Case 1

Ali Zaidi, Rajkumar Vajpeyi

Page 20--25

Case 2

Tom Trajkovski, Peter Ferguson

Page 20--25

New Frontiers in Pediatric Medulloblastoma

Roberto Jose Diaz, Eric Bouffet

Page 26--31

Something's Happening... I'm Not Who I Used to Be

Shannon Daniel, Mike Humphreys

Page 32--34

The great Pretender

Aidan Cunniffe

Page 35--37

The Face of AIDS

Anna MacDonald

Page 38

Student Reflections on the XVI International AIDS Conference 2006, Toronto, Canada

Susan Lee, Brodie Ramin, Quynh-Dao Dinh, Melissa DVyvey

Page 39--41

The Microvascular Anastomotic Device and Its Role in Free Tissue Transfer

Goran Jeremic, Mark Shrime, Jonathan C. Irish, Ralph W. Gilbert, David Goldstein

Page 51--54

"Ethics teaching is as important as my clinical education": A survey of participants in residency education at a single university

Alex V. Levin, Scott Berry, Charles D. Kassardjilan, Frazer Howard, Martin McKneally

Page 60--63

Student Trachers: Medical Students Developing Content for their own Website-Supported, Self-Assessment Question Database

Gaurav Gupta, Ju Ho Park, Lawrence Spero, Stephen Keleher, Joyce Nyhof-Young

Page 64--69