Preface from the Editors

David Kolin, Jesse Klostranec

Page 116-117

Quick Diagnosis

Etienne Raymond Mahe, Ihab El-Shinnawy

Page 150-152

Thyroid Cancer: Latest Approaches to Canada’s Fastest Growing Cancer

Alon Vaisman, Steven Orlov, Jonathan Yip, David Orlov

Page 161-165

Acute Panmyelosis with Myelofibrosis: An Unusual Cause of Pancytopenia

Eric Tseng, Farah Moid, John Blondal, Jerry Maniate

Page 153-154

Calcification of Untreated Mediastinal Hodgkin's Lymphoma: A Case Report

Candice Dawn Rivest, Michael Di Ianni, Ehsan Haider

Page 148-149

Cell Phones and Cancer: A Short Communication.

Tony Soeyonggo, Shelly Wang

Page 125-129

The Discovery and Preparation of Insulin

Frederick G. Banting, Charles H. Best

Page 187-189

Tale of a T-shirt

Susan Croft

Page 192-193