Current use of Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes in Advanced-stage Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Henry Jacob Conter, M.D., Ruchira Sengupta, M.A.Sc., Devidas Menon, Ph.D., Quincy SC Chu, M.D.

Page 91-98

Preface from the Editors

Margaret Maria Olszewski, Eric Siu

Page 64-65

PedsCases Content Production Handbook: A Glimpse into the Future of Medical Education

Debraj Das, Michelle Bischoff, Peter MacPherson, Chris Gerdung, Peter J Gill, Lauren Kitney, Melanie Lewis

Page 72-75

Imaging Case Report 2

Natalie Wong

Page 83

Tea for Mr. Stapleton

Albert Allen

Page 113-114

Six Word Phrase

Michael Corbo

Page 115