Preface from the Editors

Bailey Allison Dyck, Sheron Perera

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Guest Editorial

Letters to the Editor

News & Views


Interview with Dr. John Kingdom

Rosamond E Lougheed

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Quick Diagnosis & Case Reports

Quick Diagnosis: Melasma

Jennifer M. Tran, An-Wen Chan

Page 143-145

Case Series: Recombinant factor VIIa utilized in successful treatment of disseminated intravascular coagulation secondary to anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy

Ira Stanley Frye, Casey Sager, Alicia Daly, Pierre Barbot, Elizabeth Luce, Liana Rinzler, Gareth K Forde

Page 147-149


Primary Research

Medical Education

The 'Perfect' Pre-operative Admission: A practical guide

Udi Blankstein, Michael Blankstein

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History of Medicine

History of the House Call

Brent Herritt

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Historical Perspectives

Poetry and Short Stories

Heart Strings

Lucas Badenduck

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