Scroll of Life: My PTSD and the Doctor who saved me.

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Oliver Ryan Clow




This article is about the role of the medical professional in the treatment of mental illness from one patient’s point of view. Developing PTSD has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Many factors have contributed to the reversal of my fate – the love of my wife, the hard work I put in, sheer luck in finding kind souls – but above all, one person, my family physician, saved my life. When I first consulted my Doctor he outlined his theory of treatment, which included physical as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions. That type of thinking in a Doctor may make some people cringe. But it is exactly that type of approach that works, at least in my case. There will always be those that remain unconvinced about PTSD. I offer anyone an open invitation to take a walk in my shoes. More importantly though, as a medical professional, I hope that you develop an approach that allows you to help someone walk in my shoes.