Older obese womens perceptions of exercise that meet the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines: functional and health outcomes

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Neal Prokop
Stephanie Zubriski
Martin Senechal
Peter Jones
Danielle R. Bouchard


exercise, obese, women, perception, self-report


Objective: Identify what older obese women consider activities that would count into reaching the International Physical Activity Guidelines (IPAG).
Methods: Forty-four obese women over age 60 were recruited and educated about the IPAG. They were asked to only report activities they believed were contributing to their total aerobic exercise accumulation and a pedometer was provided for seven days. Physical capacity and health status was obtained by clinical tests and questionnaires.
Results: Housework and going out represented 50% of all reported activities. Participants reported a median exercise time of 462 (277-761) minutes, but only a median of 5573 (3933-7495) steps per day. Self-reported steps per day were associated with all measures of physical capacity (P = <0.05).
Discussion: This study suggests that obese older women dont identify correctly the type of activity that optimizes functional status. Objective measure of intensity is needed to confirm our results.