A Divine Diagnosis: The Christian Church's discovery of Gardner-Diamond Syndrome

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Katherine McDonald
Asfandyar Mufti
Robert Jackson


Gardner-diamond syndrome, psychogenic purpura, hysterical bleeding, painful bruising syndrome, religion, history of dermatology, history of medicine


The Christian community first observed gardner-diamond syndrome, otherwise known as psychogenic purpura, as the holy stigmata from Jesus Christs crucifixion. Between 1927-1989 unyielding medical curiosity resulted in the discovery of a valid link between the Five Holy Wounds and a recognizable hematologic condition. The painful bruising syndrome is a result of auto-sensitization to phosphatidylserine, a component of the erythrocyte cell membrane. The true medical condition is not to be confused with fraudulant stigmatists trying to claim a divine connection with Jesus Christ or crucifixion groupies.