Expediting a changing attitude: Technology in medicine

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Sunjit Singh Parmar
Simran Parmar



We are in the age of technology, and as advances are being made in every field, it follows that we would see an increased use in the realm of medicine. Yet it seems there are as many counter arguments as there are documented benefits to furthering tech use in the field of medicine.(3, 4) It is incumbent on the physicians of today to stay current with e-advances in order to be aware of the out-of-clinic healthcare platforms being used by patients. This is an opportunity for the care provider to serve as both a guide and a collaborator.

The emerging domain of e-health encompasses tech savvy concepts as they are applied to tackling every day health challenges.(5) An up and coming phase of tech in medicine, however, focuses on online applications.(10, 11)

Although the tech advances outlined in this paper are by no means exhaustive, they allude to a plethora of functional possibilities,(11) Such tech will be instrumental in ushering in a generation of truly patient-centric carein the process empowering individuals to be frontrunners in monitoring their health.(10)