Community-Based Scholarship and Service Learning (CBS)

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CBS Undergraduate Medical Education CPPH Course



As part of the inaugural iteration of the Community, Population & Public Health (CPPH) course, 259 students participated in a longitudinal service-learning placement. The Community-Based Scholarship & Service-Learning (CBS) placement involved student collaborations with community organizations within a pedagogical framework of preparation, engagement, and reflection, with the intention of facilitating a deep, experiential investigation of the social determinants of health. A commitment to asset-based principles of community development was demonstrated in the creation of a project or deliverable, the parameters of which are determined by the community organization itself based on their own identified areas of focus. Aside from the creation of a deliverable, students engaged in the work of the organization, learning about how their populations are served alongside staff and clients. The following abstracts - in conjunction with UTMJ - represent the collaborations between many CPPH students and their partner organizations. By working together to develop a resource that reinforces concepts of health promotion, disease prevention and health protection, and approaching work in a way deemed most effective by the partner organization, the output reflects a creativity and depth of engagement that future students can continue to build on as we move forward. The course team wishes to thank Dr. Jerry Maniate for suggesting this collaboration with UTMJ.