A Short Reflection on the Practice of Clinical Medicine

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Zhineng Jayson Yang
Hunter Robert Cape



Medicine has been a constantly changing field with unprecedented advances in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. This has led to changes in both diagnostic and therapeutic approaches that are supported by evidence-based practices. Going forward, it is anticipated that these resources will become more readily accessible. Moreover, the utilization of information technology with the systematic introduction of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has contributed to a progressive transition of healthcare documentation from the traditional paper-based charts to that of electronic documentation. Beyond medicine and its associated processes, the maturation of society also means that patients today have varying expectations with regards to their role, and the corresponding role of their physicians. When taken together, physicians of today are exposed to new challenges. This article serves to highlight and to provide a timely discussion of the emerging issues related to the practice of clinical medicine and the rendering of patient care that is of relevance in today’s medical practice.