Interview on Evidence-Based Medicine with Dr. Gordon Guyatt

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Arnav Agarwal
Leyla Eryuzlu


Dr. Gordon Guyatt, evidence-based medicine, EBM, interview


Dr. Gordon Guyatt is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, a Joint Member of the Department of Medicine and a Member of the Clinical Advances through Research and Information Technologies (CLARITY) group at McMaster University. His areas of interest include dissemination of evidence-based medicine concepts to workers and consumers in the health care domain, ascertainment and assessment of patient values and preferences, systematic review methodology, and clinical practice guideline and medical decision-making methodology. Recognized as having coined the term “evidence-based medicine” in 1990, he is a pioneer in the area and has been a leading exponent of the concept and its application to clinical practice. This interview focuses on the concept of evidence-based medicine.