Healthy lives for all, until the last breath: An interview with Dr. Alejandro R. Jadad Bechara

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Muskaan Vineet Gurnani
Arnav Agarwal


global health, ehealth, information and communication technology, pandemic of health, public health, global collaborative network


Dr. Alejandro R. Jadad Bechara is a physician, educator, researcher and public advocate. His mission is to enhance health and wellness for all, particularly through information and communication technologies (ICTs) and a global innovation model focused on innovative approaches to living, healing, working and learning. Powered by social networks and other leading-edge telecommunication tools, Dr. Becharas projects primarily focus on addressing major public health threats (e.g., multiple chronic conditions, pandemics) through international collaboration and public activism in shaping health care and society. 

Dr. Bechara is one of the first physicians in the world with a doctorate in health knowledge synthesis, and has developed unique methods to collate and distill high-quality health information for decision-making. His development of the widely used Jadad scale has drastically impacted clinical trial appraisal globally, and his work was instrumental to the development of the Cochrane Collaboration. Furthermore, he spearheaded the creation of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation a simulator of the future and a hub for ICT optimization in health care and society in 2000. He has also spearheading the founding of the Global People-Centred eHealth Innovation Network to promote research, development, education, policy, funding, recognition and commercialization surrounding ICT use for health and wellness, and the People, Health Equity and Innovation Group to address the needs of the disadvantaged members of society through youth leadership, global multiculturalism promotion and supportive care to patients and their caregivers. Dr. Becharas work has been recognized on numerous levels, and his groundbreaking discoveries in e-health innovation, global health and research methodology among other areas are world-renowned.

The purpose of this interview with Dr. Bechara is to explore his concept of the pandemic of health, and to understand the role of global collaborative networks and ICTs in facilitating this phenomenon.