Deeper Roots to the Obesity Crisis: A conversation with Dr. Peter Attia

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Sumedha Arya


diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome


After completing medical school at Stanford University, general surgery residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a fellowship in surgical oncology at the National Cancer Institute, Toronto-born Peter Attia co-founded the Nutrition Science Initiate, a California-based non-profit organization focused on multidisciplinary nutrition research targeting questions of obesity and metabolic disease. Earlier this year, Dr. Attia delivered a TED talk titled, Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem? In his talk, Dr. Attia dissuades medical professionals from blaming overweight and type 2 diabetic patients for the medical conditions and symptoms they incur as he postulates that obesity may be a manifestation of a much deeper problem. Dr. Attias thorough review of the literature as well as personal past experiences with metabolic syndrome have led him to conceive of obesity as a possible coping mechanism. While obesity is conventionally considered a cause of insulin resistance, Dr. Attia and others hypothesize that fat storage may be a response to insulin resistance.