The Hailing Heroes Myth: Understanding Stigma Faced By Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

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Mishaal Qazi
Sabrin Salim
Shannon Leung
Angie Puerto-Nino



Healthcare workers (HCWs) have faced substantial stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stigma has profound physical and mental health impacts not only on HCWs, but on their families, the broader health care system, and the patients they serve. While public health and associated entities have produced guidelines to combat stigma against HCWs, to our knowledge, evidence on community uptake and adherence is limited. This commentary will provide an overview of stigmatization against HCWs during COVID-19, its impacts and drivers, and will recommend utilizing a translational research framework to understand how community end-users understand COVID-19 and engage with existing guidelines.