Primary extranodal laryngeal lymphoma: description of two cases

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Geng Ju Tuang
Jeyasakthy Saniasiaya
Jennifer Peak Hui Lee
Marina Mat Baki



The larynx is a delicate organ which functions not only to vocalize, but more importantly for airway protection. Its structural integrity is comprised of a musculo- cartilaginous framework and an overlying epithelium, with a broad spectrum of pathologies ranging from benign mucosal retention cyst to rare soft tissue tumours. Primary haematological malignancy involving the larynx remains a rare phenomenon due to its limited lymphatic supply. The authors present two cases of primary non- Hodgkin lymphoma of the larynx which manifested with non-identical symptoms and clinical findings. Clinicians should be aware of the various forms of localized throat symptoms as well as the gross tumour appearance in a primary haematological malignancy of the larynx.