Acting fast on late-onset abdominal and back pain

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Priyank Bhatnagar
Vishalini Sivarajah
Roshan Uruthirakumar
Jonathan P. Wong
Yousef Etoom
Farah Siam
Peter D Wong
Rosemary G. Moodie



Blunt abdominal trauma can cause insidious liver injury and laceration. In particular, a subcapsular hepatic hematoma may result from bleeding in the parenchyma that is contained by the liver capsule. In some circumstances, a hepatic laceration may result in delayed blood collection. A growing body of evidence has also reported the occurrence of liver hematoma associated with abdominal trauma. We describe a 13-year-old female with a late-onset subcapsular hepatic hematoma after abdominal injury. She presented with worsening abdominal and lower back pain. Her management wasconservative with fluid resuscitation and in-hospital monitoring. Our case highlights the importance of close follow-up and diagnostic imaging following blunt abdominal trauma.