Interview with Dr. Merrilee Brown

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Dr. Merrilee Brown is a Rural Family Physician in Port Perry, ON, Lecturer at the University of
Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine, and an Associate Professor at Queen’s
University. She is currently on the Rural Ontario Medical Programme Board of Directors,
Society of Rural Physicians Council Member at Large for Ontario, and SRCP/CAEP Section of
Rural Emergency Medicine while acting as the SRPC Representative to the CCFP Section of
Teachers and Hospitalists and the SRPC Rural and Remote Conference Co-Director for 2020-
2021. As a practicing physician, she has been awarded the 2009 SRPC Fellowship of Rural and
Remote Medicine, 2016 Reg Perkin CCFP Family Physician of the Year, and the 2018 OCFP
Practice of the Year with the Medical Associates of Port Perry. Dr. Brown's work centers on
intrapartum obstetrics, emergency and hospital inpatient care, consultative palliative care, care of
the elderly, OR assist, and urgent care. Her education and research interests include rural medical
education, as well as feedback and faculty development.