Applications of artificial intelligence in emergency medicine

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Kiran Grant
Aidan McParland



Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been thought to be the next major technological breakthrough in healthcare. While proposed applications of AI touch on nearly all aspects of medicine and healthcare, applications within emergency medicine (EM) appear particularly promising. With increasing emergency department (ED) wait times, a reliance on high acuity diagnostic decisions, and an environment that constantly pushes the cognitive bandwidth of its providers, AI interventions in EM pose substantial benefits to both EM physicians and the EDs and health systems they work within. AI has shown promise in numerous applications within EM, including in the interpretation of diagnostic imaging, predicting patient outcomes, and monitoring of patient vitals. However, barriers to widespread adoption and integration of AI remain. Ultimately, the extent to which AI is able to positively impact patient care will revolve around overcoming these barriers, likely through an evolution of both the technology itself, and the attitudes and regulations towards it.