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Bio Statement Fixed Rate Second Mortgage - Pros and Cons

People borrow all kinds of loans to fulfill their financial needs and in case of emergencies. Some prefer getting personal loans from private lenders or banks while others choose to mortgage their property and apply for home equity loans. Home equity loans are risky as huge sums of money are involved, and failure to pay off the loan can lead to foreclosure and loss of property. Still, people who can easily pay the monthly installments lean towards these loans to meet their financial needs for investments and businesses.

Many people who borrow home equity loans from tribal loan companies direct and still feel financial crunches or need more money for further investments consider going for a Second Mortgage. A second loan is considered as a better alternative to personal loans as it is easier to get, and there are certain positive aspects associated with fixed rate second mortgages.

A Second Mortgage is a loan that you get in addition to the first loan and is also based on the equity of your home like the first mortgage. There are two kinds of Second Mortgage loans, i.e.;

  • Home equity credit line
  • Home equity fixed rate

A credit line works pretty much like a credit card and you can withdraw money whenever you want to from your account. The fixed rate is when you obtain a lump sum amount, based on the value of the account, and have to pay back on monthly basis. Most of the people prefer the fixed rate as they need a great sum of money on priority basis.

When you are applying for a fixed rate Second Mortgage on your home, you need to know everything you can as you are putting your property at risk and such things cannot be taken lightly. Do your research by going through all the positive and negative aspects involved, as there are both the aspects involved in any given loan option.


There are a lot of positive aspects to applying for a fixed rate second loan on your house. The biggest is the fact that you can get your hands on a lot of cash on lower interest rate as compared to the first mortgage. This may, however, be subjective to the interest market and you personal credit history.

Also, the closing rates for a second loan are quite low, or in some cases, there are no closing charges. The money you save can be used for personal benefits such as contributing towards college education and spending on improvements at home.


You cannot ignore the fact that when you apply for fixed rate second mortgage, your house is put at risk, as there are chances that you might not be able to pay back the loan in time and the lender can undergo legal proceedings. Another problem is that with time, if the property value goes down in the market, the value of your house might also decrease. The amount of loan however remains the same and as a result, you might owe the lender an amount of money much greater than the actual value of your house. However, there are very little chances of this happening, but it might prove to be a real risk.

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