Vol 92, No 1 (2014)

Medical Technology

Medical Technology

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Preface PDF
Ilyse Darwish, Varuna Prakash


Riding the Medical Technology Wave to Empower your Career in Medicine PDF
Carolyn McGregor
Current Limitations and Opportunities for Surgical Navigation PDF
Ronnie Wong, Jamil Jivraj, Victor Yang

Opinion Editorials

Police, policy and privacy: a commentary on mental health information disclosures by the Toronto Police Service PDF
Phillip Kenneth Gregoire
The state of pharmaceutical drug coverage in Canada PDF
Patrick E Steadman, Liza Abraham
Ebola: Context and Current Issues PDF
Thomas Dashwood, Maia Foster


Brain stimulation and its role in the assessment and management of movement disorders PDF
Ayan K. Dey
Paving The Way In Biomedical Engineering: An Interview With Dr. Molly Shoichet PDF
Amirah Momen
Healthy lives for all, until the last breath: An interview with Dr. Alejandro R. Jadad Bechara PDF
Muskaan Vineet Gurnani, Arnav Agarwal
Exploring The Past, Present and Future of Health Technologies with Dr. Joseph Cafazzo PDF
Amirah Momen
“Adding years to life”: Physiatry, Neurorehabilitation and Knowledge Translation PDF
Ayan K Dey


To study the impact of acne vulgaris on the quality of life of the patients PDF
Amit Batra, Prithpal Singh Matreja, Amandeep Singh, Ashwani Kumar Gupta, Naveen K Kansal, PML Khanna

Case Reports

Rapidly progressing de novo arachnoid cyst in an adult patient PDF
Kenda Alhadid, Alireza Mansouri, Taufik Valiante

Book Reviews

In retrospect: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and medical technology PDF
Benjamin Hull Chin-Yee