UTMJ Vol. 79, Num. 1

Table of Contents

News & Views

How should physician interpret the new guidelines on breast self-exam? PDF
Ann M. Stewart 122--25
In the Literature PDF
Tania Samanta 26--28
The Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research PDF
Anil J. Misir 29--30
The 2001 Gairdner Foundation Awards PDF
Marie L. Cappello 33--34
An Interview with Dr. Henry Friesen, 2001 Wightman Award Winner PDF
Marie L. Cappello 35--37
Cancer Chemotherapy: The Role of Pharmacological Agents in the Management of Hematological Malignancies PDF
Paolo Mazzotta, Agnieszka Kwasnicka, George J. Kutas 38--45


Microarrays - Tools for the Genomics Age PDF
Alia Qureshi Emili 56--60

Quick Diagnosis and Case Reports

Case Reports from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine PDF
Sushmita Pamidi, Karoon C. Danayan, Andrea Johnston, Anatoli Freiman 52--55

Book Reviews

Bilogical Warfare: It's Real, and We Are Much More Vulnerable than You Would Like to Believe PDF
Nicholas B. J. Tan 75
Norman Bethune - In His Own Words PDF
Tyler Rouse 76
Is that what my doctor really thinks? PDF
Christina R. Tunzi 77

History of Medicine

Therapeutic Use of Leeches: From the "Annelids" or Medicine PDF
Robert Adam, Peter Zakrzewski 65--67

Health Policy and Economics

MRI Supply in Canada: What are the Issues? PDF
Pavi S. Kundhal, S. Chatterjee, Kiran K. Kundhal 68--69

Morning Report

Accounting for Polyuria PDF
Michelle Porepa, Xerxes Punthakee, Jordan Weinstein 61--64

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The Increasing Popularity of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Canada PDF
Rahim Hirji, Peter Zakrzewski 70--72

Clinicopathological Correlation

A Relatively Common Childhood Cancer PDF
Guangming Han, Pedram Kazemian 46--51


Cigarette Smoking and Hormone Balance in Women: New Evidence in the Anti-Smoking Campaign PDF
Murray D. Meek 8--11

Cardiac Surgery

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Historical Overview and Future Directions PDF
Salvatore Privitera 12--15

Medical Imaging

Cerebral Vascular Reactivity Evaluation by BOLD fMRI PDF
Gregory Krolczyk 18--21