UTMJ Vol. 79, Num. 2

Table of Contents

News & Views

The Relationship Between Medical Education and The Pharmaceutical Industry - Good Medicine or a Bitter Pill to Swallow? PDF
Paolo Mazzotta, Julianna Borbely 108--111
In the Literature PDF
Amy Erica Lin, Mital Joshi, Carolyn Best, Eli JRosenberg, Anne F. Davison 112--116
Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Approach to Early Diagnosis and Treatment PDF
Agnieszka Kwasnicka, Tania Samanta, Rachel DShupak 117--125
Medical Error - Cautionary Tales that Leave Us Wondering About the System PDF
Ann Stewart 126--128
Part 1: More Than Just the Randomized Controlled Trial PDF
Alex E. Vesley, John De Almeida 129--132


The Fourth Horseman's Armored Cavalry: The Technology of Bioterrorism in the Early 21st Century PDF
Anil J. Misir 133--135

Medical Education

Interview with Dr. William Chapman PDF
Collan Simmons 159--161
Interview with Dr. John Bradley PDF
Wigdan Al-Sukhni 162--165
Thinking Globally: International Health in Medical Education PDF
John Hanlon, Sumit Gupta, Shannon Wires, Tara Kiran, Darrell Tan 166--168
Foreign Physicians: Filling the Gaps or Falling Short? PDF
Luke Drzymala, Joyca So 169--170

Quick Diagnosis and Case Reports

Case 1 PDF
Karoon C. Danayan 146--150
Case 2 PDF
Helen G Juffs 146--150
Case 3 PDF
Helen G Juffs 146--150
Case 4 PDF
Helen G Juffs 146--150
Case 5 PDF
Andrea Johnston 146--150
Case 6 PDF
Andrea Johnston 146--150

Book Reviews

Getting Ahead: A Specialty ENT Text PDF
Sharon Cushing 182--183
Statistics for Dummies PDF
Irfan A. Dhalla 183
Spine Trauma PDF
Douglas J. Cook 184--185
An Attempt at Creating a Guideline for Improving a Nation's Health PDF
Naomi Spitale 185--186
A Must-Read Radiology Book for Surgeon To-Be or Not-To-Be PDF
Gilbert H. L. Tang 186--187

History of Medicine

Of Lemons, Yams and Crocodile Dung: A Brief History of Birth Control PDF
Susan James 156--158

Health Policy and Economics

A Comparison of Public and Private Health Care Systems PDF
Jason Noble, Jason Lee 153--155

Morning Report

"Truth Serum" PDF
Catherine Lam, Mitesh V. Badiwala, Michael Froeschl 136--141

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture: A Form of Eastern Medicine Needling Its Way into the Western World PDF
Perry P. Choi, Paul E. Szmitko 171--173
Herbal Supplements: Regulation and Known Contraindications PDF
Stuart A. Lax 174--177

Clinicopathological Correlation

The Case of a Wobbly Man with a Wobbly Tooth PDF
Pedram Kazemian, Guangming Han 142--147

Palliative Care

The Knowledge, Attitudes and practices of Physicians in End-of-Life Care PDF
Esther C. Bui, Dr. Mary Anne Huggins 88--93


Malignant Melanoma: Diagnosis and Treatment PDF
David Adam 94--99


Sound Frequency Discrimination in Normal-Hearing Listeners and Cochlear Implantees PDF
Evan J. Propst, Karen A. Gordon, Robert V. Harrison, Sharon M. Abel, Blake C. Papsin 100--106

Biotech Investment

Biotech Stock Selection Using Peer Group Analysis and Relative Valuation PDF
Stephan Patten 178--181

Poetry and Short Stories

A Feast Fit for a Physician PDF
Evan J. Propst 188