Vol 94, No 2 (2017)


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Preface from the Editors PDF
Ahmad Mousa 5


Illuminating the Black Box of Surgery PDF
Mitchell Goldenberg 6-7
Mind Over Gut: Reviewing the Role of Psychological Intervention in Acid Reflux Management PDF
Johnny-Wei Bai 8-10


UTMJ Interview with Doctor Mitchell H. Brown PDF
Ahmad Mousa 11-14
UTMJ Interview with Doctor Mitesh Badiwala PDF
Ahmad Mousa 15-18


A Realistic View: Return to Sport and Patient Satisfaction following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in the Practice of a Community Subspecialist PDF
Marshall Siemens 19-22

Imaging Case Report

Hair elastic bead artifact demonstrating the radiographic appearance of a single pulmonary nodule: a case report PDF
John K Peel, Nicolas Murray 23-25


Normothermic Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion: A Review of the Toronto Protocol PDF
Aadil Ali 26-31
Global Neurosurgery – What are the Current Barriers to Neurosurgical Care in Low-Middle Income Countries PDF
Armaan Kush Malhotra 32-36

Medical Education

Surgical education for the 21st century medical trainee: evidence-based considerations to optimize quality in surgical workshops for pre-clerkship medical students PDF
Neil E D'Souza 37-41
Investigating Barriers to Volunteerism in a Medical School Volunteer Patient Program: A program development project PDF
Travis Schroeder 42-46
Quality Improvement Training in Medical Education: The Evidence and a Personal Experience PDF
Marina Abdel Malak 47-48

News & Views

What’s the job market in surgery like in Canada? PDF
Ben Li 49-51
Moving Beyond Geographically Defined Communities to Ensure Equitable Access to Vaccines PDF
Lisa Parvin 52-53
School gardening: a different approach to tackle childhood obesity? PDF
Maximilian Andreas Storz, Eric P Heymann 54-55

Poetry and Short Stories

The Missed Student PDF
K M 56

Historical Perspectives

A Divine Diagnosis: The Christian Church’s discovery of Gardner-Diamond Syndrome PDF
Katherine McDonald, Asfandyar Mufti, Robert Jackson 57-59